“Just check out the sense of humor, the pageantry, & sheer inventiveness.
Each design jumps out of the shirt and into people’s faces.
A bit overwhelming....maybe.
But you’ll never take the t-shirt off. Ever.
— E. BØØMHOWER, loyal customer (& bandmate)


We here at MERCH MERCH MERCH believe in the  intrinsic bond between music and soul.  We didn't think John was wrong when he said the Beatles were more popular  than Jesus.  The world is Heaven, the world is Hell and we were given musicians as  messengers of light to share the language of love and mourning. Music is what will keep us all together when the darkness tries to tear us all apart. We all need to Beware of Darkness.

Passionate fan art marries madness with the first original rock wear hand printed series 'The Phonies' which include the designs FLU REED, PETER PAUL & LARRY and BED ZEPPELIN



MERCH MERCH MERCH is a solo-production design company, printing the artwork and ideas of indi rock icon AMELIA MAY (of dark-pop duo DYR FASER)

Every design is original and each piece is   printed by hand on location in Rockport Massachusetts

We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't wear ourselves!

Check out Amelia's rock 'n roll here!

Volunteer 4:20 - Save Save Save 10:21 - For Yourself 15:05 - I Love The End Eric Boomhower: vocals, guitar, synth, Casio. Amelia May: vocals, guitar, piano, organ. Video by Amelia. Recorded by Eric. October 2017. Boston, MA

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